Types Of Squats

By Kya Grace

The squat is called the king of exercises, basically because it is a complete exercise for the entire body. This exercise with its different types is largely considered to be the best exercise for building muscles and strength.

The squat is a strength training exercise. It is primarily used to develop the muscles of the hips, buttocks and thighs. It adds power and size to the legs. It also strengthens the ligaments and bones of the entire lower body. A squat is performed by bending your knees with a barbell on your back until your haunches almost rest on your calves. This sounds simple but this is one of the toughest exercises to execute. The best place to perform squats is a well equipped gym with a personal trainer or a boot camp.

The different types of squats are based upon one’s muscle building requirements. The following are some of the important variants.

1. Power squat

The power squat is used to develop basically the gluteus and hamstring muscles. At the same time it also works the lower back a little bit. This squat is considered a better alternative than the hamstring curls or dead lifts. Normally, slightly heavier weights are used in the power squat. This makes it ideal for development of leg muscles. If you include it in your exercise regimen, then you should do it regularly.


2. Olympic squat

This is a squat which develops strength in the entire range of muscles of the lower back and not only on some select areas. Unlike other squats this one also balances the load exerted on the quadriceps and hamstrings and works them properly, thus making it an intensive all inclusive exercise. This exercise puts less pressure on the lower back. Hence it is ideal for those with lower back pain.

3. Wide stance-turned out squat

This squat’s thrust is on the inner thigh muscle more than the outer quadriceps. For people with wider hips this is an ideal squat. This squat exerts less pressure on the lower back as an upright posture is maintained throughout.

4. Front squat

Unlike all the other squats, this one is keeps the bar resting in front of the body. This is great for working out the quadriceps as the weight is concentrated in front of the body. A slight adjustment of your balance is required as your body weight will rest on your toes. Sportspersons will find this very helpful as it will condition them and increase their muscular endurance.

5. Split squat

This squat works each leg individually. Hence it will be great for those who are weaker in one leg. It generally works the gluteus muscles, while the quadriceps and hamstrings work in synergy. If you spread your legs too wide, more pressure is exerted on the hamstrings. Therefore it is advisable to be careful in this aspect.

There are again some variants of the above squats, but these are the basic squats which will give you that super body as long as they are performed under expert supervision in a gym or a boot camp.

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