Neucopia In Review: A Legitimate Business?

Neucopia In Review: A Legitimate Business?


Merv Stevens

Are you familiar with the Neucopia opportunity?

It seems that every single day a new home based business opportunity pops up. Because not all of these opportunities are equally as appealing, I like to take the time and review them individually.

Is it a legitimate business opportunity?

What exactly does Neucopia sell?

Is it possible to make passive residual income?

Each of these questions regarding Neucopia will be answered in the following sections of this article. I hope the information provided helps you make a decision on whether or not this business is right for you.


Background Information

Neucopia is a fairly new company that sprouted up back in July of 2012. The company was started by a man named Rich Cook. As you already now, every network marketing company has a product. Without a product, Neucopia obviously would not be a company. So what exactly are they selling? Rich Cook founded the company with the goal of teaching everyday people how to make their own money.

The belief is that doing so can eliminate people’s stresses by providing financial freedom. While this is obviously easier said than done, Rich Cook and the company team believe they have the tools and training available to make it work. Now, let’s take a second to check out some specific products offered by Neucopia.

Product Information

Most network marketing companies distribute tangible/concrete products through their network of independent distributors. Because this is the norm, Neucopia is a pretty unique business opportunity. The products distributed by Neucopia are various training courses. The following products are among the most popular:

Affiliate Marketing Training – This product explains the ins and outs of affiliate marketing to those who are interested in making money through internet sales. A crazy amount of cash is spent online everyday and affiliate marketers are always getting their hands on it. The company’s affiliate marketing training is said to provide the knowledge, tricks, and tips it takes to succeed in this profitable marketing niche.

Real Estate Training – According to Forbes, more millionaires have created their wealth in the real estate industry than in any other industry. It is safe to say that real estate can be an advantageous opportunity. Neucopia’s real estate training is said to serve as a preparation course for success in the industry.

These two training programs appeal to many people who are looking to become financially independent. These products, paired with the following, make up the company’s product line.

Stock Market Trading Secrets

Debt Elimination Strategies

Tax Advantages

Forex Trading Secrets

Making Money

In some sense, Neucopia seems like a double edged sword. The products teach you how to make money independently. The irony is that you can earn by selling these same products. Neucopia distributes its products through network marketing. The company’s distributors can additionally earn an income by enrolling new distributors. For $170 per month, you gain access to Neucopia and its business opportunity.

Like all other affiliate marketing or network marketing opportunities, you success with this company will depend on your ability to maximize your business’s exposure. Neucopia allows people to help others build a business while building their own. Because it is such a young company, it will be interesting to see which direction it heads in the upcoming months. While Neucopia is completely legitimate, time will tell how successful the company becomes.

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Neucopia In Review: A Legitimate Business?

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