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The Xun is this year on March 11, .Produce from the shoe product of China is after passing the check of the company of Italian maritime customs and getting into an Italian market smoothly, .Continue in the grounds like Rome,etc be confiscated and sealed, .In the center aroused certain dismay in the executive, .A lot of Chinese people are worried that the back has the trade protection the factor of doctrine.For making pure reason quickly, .The shoe industry board of trade in Italy(China) convenes the second to often work a meeting on the afternoon of March 6, .The board of trade legal adviser and SEGATORI law firm famous lawyer of Rome slowly presents Hui and MARCO SEGATORI is according to connecting details of case condition, .Attended meeting the members to together analyze related reason.According to everyone’s reflection, .These the check is all generally many Jings to grow to unite a check, .The fire fight Jing, customs police and traffic policeman start out together, .If discover that the warehouse hasn’t carried out a fire fight certificate, .Probably right away together seal to save together with the goods to the warehouse.If the goods side have no goods source detailed list, .Police can doubt that the goods source isn’t clear, .Right away detain goods.Reflect according to the China companies, .A lot of circumstances are because the raw material of shoes uses leather and synthesizes Ge at the same time, .But shoe top noted leather sign.This goods is after aring checked detention, .Can have been sealing to save, .The judge doesn’t know how to sentence as well, .Because this is a blank of law, .After waiting to add an ordinance a set only, .The judge just can sentence.Shoe industry board of trade president of association in Italy(China) item enters light president of association to say, .The Italian aspect has already formally asked all shoe products that produce from China to mark in the shoe sole:MADE IN CHINA, .Otherwise, .Will probably be confiscated and sealed.He means to will halt an Italian embassy and legation business reflection relevant circumstance to China in the near future, .In order to work out a problem quickly.Xu Cheng Hui said, .If not that being counterfeits, .Once meeting a police check to want to seal the circumstance of stock thing behind, .The executive had better make contact with lawyer right away, .This is the most active way of doing.



EU trade protects a pre-eminent title check and supervision of doctrine China shoe export

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