Male Jealousy &Amp; Insecurities

By Greg Tiwa

Good Job, You Did It?

You finally landed the girl of your dreams. She’s beautiful, smart and sexy. She is everything that you’ve ever wanted in a woman. Every time you both go out, you notice all the guys checking her out. In turn, you hold her closely in a protective manner and send dirty looks to the gawkers. You watch her every move and feel a hint of jealousy and insecurity at times when it is not warranted. You constantly call to check up on her and then count the seconds before she returns your call. You feel extremely paranoid when she goes out with girlfriends or co-workers. You instantly feel rage when she looks at another guy, however innocent it may be.

You feel consumed by your insecurities, directing your energy towards over protectiveness and jealousy instead. You try to buy her time and attention by buying her gifts, dinners and whisking her away on vacations. You also prefer to spend your time with her at home and not out in public for fear of her looking at other men. You use possess and isolate tactics on her.

So where does all this jealousy and insecurity come from?


You may have had some really bad experiences before regarding loyalty and relationships and you don’t want this to happen to you again. You intensely pledge your guarantee that she is the only one in your life.

Male insecurity has been proven to be directly connected with a deficiency in the size of the male member. Many men are bothered by their current penis size and constantly look down on themselves. This definitely explains the thriving penis enlargement industry.

Other reasons include money and resources. Many guys feel disdain and often envy towards other men who are better off than themselves. Having more money means you could probably buy your girl bigger and better gifts, that you think makes you highly desirable and attractive.

All men, just like women, need to be liked and loved. They want to be adored, respected and esteemed. Men want to feel important and special to someone.

So How Would You Fix This?

You need to take time and do a self-assessment. Get new clothes, hairstyle and learn new things. Get a membership at a gym and start shedding those pounds or toning your body. More importantly, is the measure of trust and loyalty that you and your girl have for each other. Do not let your insecurities and jealousy cloud your judgment and ruin your relationship. Treat your girl with the utmost respect and start trusting her more. She is with you isn’t she?

About the Author: Greg Tiwa has been researching and writing about mens mental health and it’s relationship to male endowment for 4 years. Visit his website:


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