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If it’s been a while since you have taken a look at Coach handbags, you might be surprised by how updated and expensive-looking the designs are. Most of the company’s best looks aren’t plastered with signature logos,

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, but are protected instead with rich vintage leathers,

, patent and other interesting materials (including $20,000+ exotic skins). Coach handbags are worth their high price. As always, you will find people who would rather cut back and purchase a fake tote. The fake bags may look like the real thing, but they are not really identical. To tell the difference between the fake and the real, all you have to do is read the indicators. Verify that all of the stitching is a standard double-thickness. Any thin, single-thread or even inconsistent stitching indicates a fake Coach purse. Check the lining on Coach signature handbags. Personal bags do not have signature linings. Signature linings are used by Trainer, but only in totes with solid-colored exteriors. Check the bag for a coating. Leaving the lining out of a bag is a straightforward way to cut costs when manufacturing a fake tote. All authentic Coach handbags are lined,

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, along with only one exception. The actual Coach Classic comes without a lining. Pay attention to the Coach “C” trademarks on the outside of the tote. They should all be symmetrical,

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, especially at the stitches. Notice whether the “C” logos are stop at any of the bag’s edges or seams. A geniune Coach handbag does not display a logo that has been severed or partially sewn into a seam. No matter how minor the compromise might be, the “C” should be totally in tact. Appear beyond the serial number or authentication code. Many designers use such codes and Coach is no exclusion. The difference is that Trainer is very inconsistent using the use and use of these numbers. It is not uncommon to find Trainer bags from various lines with the identical number. Because of this,

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, these types of codes are not a reliable means for determining genuineness.related article:


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