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Ethnic Tour (nostalgic tour) is another wonderful exotic form of recreation. During these trips, tourists are exploring some ethnic populations, study their lives, especially culture, everyday moments, and so on. This is a good way to learn more about their roots or explore the history of the people by scientists or admirers. Thanks to this innovation in travel companies, many have found their distant relatives in foreign lands. Sometimes people have visited the places where their fathers, grandfathers, or themselves were evicted from these neighborhoods in a distant youth. Now, perhaps, it is clear why the other name is a nostalgic tour, in fact nostalgia calls the majority of people instead of resting on the sea waves to study some culture.

There are a lot of migrants in the world. The displacement can be divided into forced and voluntary. Causes of forced displacement of entire nations in the history can be all sorts of military, political, religious reasons. The reason for the voluntary resettlement is an economic factor: people are looking for a better life in other countries, in other lands, continents.

Speaking of nostalgia tours, you can select one of the subtypes of tourism such as visiting friends and relatives (relative and visitors tour). But this kind of tourism is not suitable for all people. Its only for those who have blood ties with the land where he or she is going.

Religious or pilgrim tour is one of the most popular types of tourism. Religion enveloped the whole world. Its opened to travel to famous religious places a long time ago. Pilgrimage to the Vatican, the Holy Land of Mecca is done for centuries.

Today’s reasons of pilgrim tours are different, ranging from ordinary curiosity and ending with trips to the shrine of your faith. Many want to strengthen their faith. There are those who want to cure illnesses and just visit all the holy places of the planet. Sometimes it’s the only chance to regain health.

You can also visit religious ceremonies, which take place around the world. And even atheistic attitude of many people to faith, has a number of tourist visits. The glaciers of Finland are the most colorful and popular places for people who are not very willing to visit holy places. Thousands of people from around the world travel to Finland on Christmas.

Its common knowledge that almost everybody likes travelling. But sometimes it is so difficult to decide which place to visit. We should mention that Europe always was attractive place for people from the whole world.

We share tips, which places should be included in your itinerary, what to try and see if you are going to Poland. We hope that this useful information will help make your trip exciting and memorable. Lets start.

What you should definitely taste in Poland:

Polish cuisine is hearty, varied and very tasty. Do you want to see for yourself? Then have a look on our list of top national dishes!

Zurek (soup with sausages, eggs and potatoes)

Bigos (second dish of cabbage and meat)

Flick (a thick soup of beef stomach)

Potato dumplings (gnocchi made from potatoes and flour)

Mazurek (pie pastry with jam)

Makovec (poppy seed cake)

Perogi – interesting variety of traditional Slavic cuisine dough products. And no, it’s not pies 🙂 Rather, perogi more like dumplings. Due to what turns out delicious and crisp, and the inside – juicy filling. You should try it!

Among the experienced hikers, there is a belief: if you want to see the true face of the city – walk on it without guides and excursions, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the urban landscape. However, what if you are lack of time and want to see as much as possible? For this case we have prepared a list of must-see in Warsaw.

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. Margo’s former classmate and good friend from Ukraine – Victoria.


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