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The American Academy Of Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery (Aafprs)

The American Academy Of Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery (Aafprs)

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) is the world’s largest specialty association representing over 2,500 facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons throughout the world. The AAFPRS is a non-profit medical professional association whose purpose is to enable its members to provide the highest standard of health care as well as to protect and advance the interest of the specialty.

The organization’s membership includes board-certified facial plastic surgeons who maintain a primary focus on aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures of the face, head, and neck. AAFPRS members are highly specialized surgeons who spend at least a year in a fellowship program focusing exclusively on facial plastic surgery. They must also pass rigorous examinations and meet extremely high criteria for membership into the AAFPRS.

Members of the AAFPRS specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the face, head, and neck. These include but are not limited to rhinoplasty, facelifts, blepharoplasty, and brow lifts. They are renowned for their surgical skills and contributions to the field of facial aesthetical and functional enhancements. By being a part of this prestigious organization, these surgeons commit to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and patient care.

In addition, the AAFPRS provides a wealth of resources and educational opportunities for its members. One of the key roles of the AAFPRS is to educate their members on the latest surgical techniques, safety standards, and advances in face, head, and neck surgery. This ensures that their members are always at the forefront of knowledge and skill in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The organization also plays a significant role in advancing the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery through research and clinical trials. The AAFPRS Foundation supports medical research in facial plastic surgery, sponsoring clinical fellowships and supporting educational programs and symposiums.

The AAFPRS also advocates for regulations that protect and enhance patient safety and the practice of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. They work in collaboration with other professional organizations and government regulatory bodies to improve standards and regulations within the field.

Finding the Best Surgeons

In the search for the best facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, it is wise to consider the accreditation and membership of the surgeon to professional organizations like AAFPRS. This ensures that the surgeon has the experience, training, and up-to-date knowledge in the specialty area.

For residents in Fort Worth, Texas, you might be asking, “Who are the best surgeons for facelift Fort Worth Texas?” By selecting a surgeon who is a member of the AAFPRS, you can be assured that you are working with a medical professional who maintains a strong commitment to excellence in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

With such high standards for membership, along with a dedication to ongoing education and patient advocacy, the AAFPRS provides assurance to patients worldwide that they are in expert hands. By choosing a surgeon associated with AAFPRS, patients are selecting a medical professional who has dedicated their career to providing the highest standard of care in an ever-evolving field. From creating natural-looking aesthetic enhancements to addressing complex facial deformities, members of AAFPRS are on the frontline of innovation and excellence in their specialty.


As the world’s largest specialty association in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, the AAFPRS continues to raise the bar for standards of practice, contributing to the industry through education, research, and advocacy. Whether patients are seeking minor aesthetic enhancements or complex reconstructive surgery, choosing an AAFPRS member ensures they have access to some of the most skilled and dedicated professionals in the field.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery   What Are The Risks Involved?}

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery What Are The Risks Involved?}

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery – What Are The Risks Involved?


T EdwardsCosmetic plastic surgery is more popular than ever for many different reasons. But even though this type of surgery can alter and improve any area of the body, there are risks and issues to be aware of. Here is a quick look at some of the more serious issues with this procedure.

One of the bigger risks or side effects of cosmetic plastic surgery will always be infections. Infections can occur from a couple of days following surgery until 2-3 later. It is critical to be aware of this as it can lead to serious issues.

Although infections are not that common, it is something that happens more often with plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation or rhinoplasty.


With that said, don’t freak out and get stressed over it. Knowing what to keep an eye on is important.

Another area is mental. Depending on the type of cosmetic plastic surgery you are having, it may take several weeks or months for the swelling and scarring to go away. It’s easy to feel that something is wrong and the surgery was a failure when that is not the case at all. Be patient and give yourself time to heal.

One of the most important points is to ask your doctor plenty of questions beforehand. Talk with them and understand what to expect before having the procedure.

Having a positive outlook and mind before going through plastic surgery will help you have a smooth procedure as well as help with the healing process.

All in all, the risk of anything going wrong with cosmetic plastic surgery is very low and any problems that may come up can be quickly handled.

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How Can I Be A Good Candidate For Liposuction?

How Can I Be A Good Candidate For Liposuction?

Submitted by: Rena Graham

For a successful liposuction result one key factor is to be the right candidate for it. Not only is it just about removing stubborn fats from your body but also preparing your body to properly adapt after all those excess has been removed. Being the right candidate also means that you are prepared for the responsibility that your new body would require from you. So before you think about having this procedure done, here are essential facts you need to consider.

The best candidates for a liposuction surgery are those who have excess localized fat deposits in areas such as the arms, abdomen, thighs, flanks and the neck. Usually these fats are resistant to any amount of diet and exercise which is why mechanical removal is the best measure to permanently eliminate these adipose tissues.

But before anything else, the surgeon would always make sure that you are generally healthy. This means that there should be no pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases or pulmonary problems. Those who are diabetics may also be at risk for complications especially with healing. That is why it is important that you disclose any health conditions that you may have with your surgeon.

To be generally healthy, you must also be free from any vices. If you are a smoker or heavy drinker, make sure that you lay off these at least 4 weeks prior to surgery.


You must also remember that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, which is why you have to be within the appropriate weight before you are cleared for liposuction. With that said, you must be at least 30% of your ideal body weight to ensure better success.

When it comes to age, the lower limit for someone to be cleared for liposuction is 18 years old. There is no upper age limit, however due to the natural effects of aging to the skin the results for older patients may not be as optimal compared to younger individuals. That is why evaluation is very important so that you will be prepared of the possible results or the limitations of your particular case.

You must also have realistic expectations about the procedure if you want to pass as a good candidate for liposuction. This means that as you understand its advantages you must also consider its drawbacks. Knowing what to expect about the procedure is very crucial because this has caused some patients to feel frustrated with their results.

Having realistic expectations also mean that you have to be more responsible with your lifestyle and health practices. Not being too careful can cause fat build up yet again. The problem is that it no longer rests right underneath your skin, but rather it lies over vital organs, or what is called visceral fats. This can be very dangerous because it can cause cardiovascular and metabolic problems.

If you are taking any maintenance medications, you must give your surgeon an entire list of what you are taking. This is because there are some medications that could affect your body s clotting abilities which can pose a serious danger during surgery.

Money is also a very important factor for you to be a good candidate for surgery. Of course you cannot have this procedure done if you don t have the money to pay for it and its other related expenses. That is why before you even consider this; you need to make sure that you can afford it. And also remember that you should never let the cost drive you to settle for cheaper and unreliable services.

So if you think that you can work around the things mentioned above. Then you just might be a good candidate for liposuction surgery. You can be sure about this after you are thoroughly evaluated by a reputable surgeon.

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