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Make The Most Of Your Quick Books Trial

Make The Most Of Your Quick Books Trial

Understanding and Utilizing the QuickBooks Trial

Small businesses and large corporations alike need reliable ways to manage their financial tasks effectively. This is where intuitive accounting software solutions, like QuickBooks, come in handy. QuickBooks offers a versatile range of features but before investing in it, it may be beneficial to make use of the QuickBooks trial. This article discusses extensively how you can fully harness and understand the QuickBooks trial for your business operations.

The QuickBooks trial is a fantastic opportunity provided by Intuit, the parent company of QuickBooks. It allows you to experience the software without making a financial commitment immediately. The trial period typically lasts 30 days, during which, you can explore the full functionality of the software and decide if it aligns with the needs of your business.

Diving right into the process of the QuickBooks trial, it is quite straightforward. You need to sign up on the QuickBooks site providing your email address and some basic information about your business. Once done, you immediately gain access to the trial version. It’s important to note that no credit card information is required for the trial sign up.

During the trial period, one of the key things to do is acquaint yourself with the interface. QuickBooks provides a clean, user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate. Make sure to explore the different tabs such as ‘Banking’, ‘Sales’, ‘Expenses’, and ‘Reports’ in order to fully grasp the software’s capabilities.

As you explore these features, you will be able to see how QuickBooks can suit your business needs. For instance, it allows you to link your business bank account for seamless transaction records, creates invoices and receipts with just a few clicks, helps to track expenses, and generates detailed reports.

Moreover, it’s crucial to understand the limits of the trial version. The software functionality is the same as the paid versions during the trial period; however, once the trial expires, you will no longer have access to your data unless you choose a paid plan.

For those who aren’t tech-savvy or find it overwhelming, support is available. Remember, the goal of the trial is to make users comfortable with the software. Therefore, QuickBooks offers multiple resources to help, including online tutorials, webinars, user forums, and direct customer service support.

However, if you are still uncertain or have specific business financial management requirements, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. This is where maitland business advisory experts come into play.

As experts in the field, they can provide detailed, personal advice based on the nature of your business. They can guide you through the complex landscape of financial management and help you ascertain whether QuickBooks is the right choice for you. Their input can be invaluable, leveraging their depth of understanding and experience in this field.

In conclusion, utilizing the QuickBooks trial can give you an in-depth view of how it can cater to your business needs. By familiarizing yourself with the software, you will be better placed to make an informed decision. And with the right guidance from the maitland business advisory experts, you can streamline your financial operations, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

The Skinny On An Online Associates Degree In Accounting

The Skinny On An Online Associates Degree In Accounting

By Mansi Aggarwal

In todays technical world, it is easier than ever to attend college and receive an associated degree in accounting. With the advent of the online classroom, college students can stay at home and continue their full time job while earning their degree.

An associates degree earned by enrolling in the accounting program of an accredited university will allow the student to achieve their goals of advancing in the growing field and increased earnings.

The field of accounting has never been stronger. An associates degree in this area will allow the student to have the qualifications to work in many different positions. An associates degree in accounting can be earned in less than two years by enrolling in an online university program.


Online programs are generally done at the students own pace and often allow life experience credit. This means that if the student already has some accounting experience, such as work as a bookkeeper, that work may count as credits toward fulfilling the requirements of the program. Another advantage to online programs is that the student can do his work at a time convenient to him. Online programs are not restricted to the time and day format of a land based institution.

The credentials earned by receiving an associates degree in accounting online will give the student the degree employers are looking for when choosing to fill positions in positions such as Assistant to Comptroller, Purchasing Agents, Staff Accountants and many government accounting openings. The degree will also qualify the student to open their own accounting business doing personal or company books, federal and state income taxes and investment advice.

An online associates degree in accounting is the first step to a rewarding career in this ever expanding field. A prospective student should research to make sure that the online college or university of his choice is fully accredited insuring that credits earned can be applied to future studies in preparation for either a bachelors or masters Degree in the future.

Once the college or university is chosen, the student has taken the first step to greater earning potential and a more rewarding career. After enrollment, the student will receive all textbooks and other materials needed for the class. By studying hard, participating in the online classroom and completing assignments, the student can expect to have a degree diploma to list on their resume in no more than two years.

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Texas Land For Sale What Is A Conservation Easement And How Can It Benefit My Land

Texas Land For Sale What Is A Conservation Easement And How Can It Benefit My Land

Submitted by: Chuck Magee

If you have Texas land for sale and are not sure what a conservation easement is nor how it can benefit you and your land you are not alone. I would say most people have no idea what a conservation easement is, I know I did not and had been in the land business for years.

Who may give a conservation easement? Any landowner of record may donate a conservation easement setting forth self-imposed restrictions on the use of his or her property. If there is a lien holder on the property, the lien holder must accept and agree or subordinate to the terms of the easement. The property taxes are still due and payable by the land owner of record.

Some questions you would certainly have if you donated a conservation easement would be what rights and duties would you give up and which would you retain? The land owner only give up those rights which a specified in the conservation easement. Except for the restrictions set forth the land owner can sell or lease the land, additionally other recreational uses can be enjoyed like hunting, fishing, even mineral and timber harvest on your Texas land.


How can you know if your Texas land for sale qualifies for a conservation easement? If your Texas land is undeveloped, forested in native species or has a minimum amount of agriculture or timber use it will meet the basic requirements for conservation easement conveyance. In Texas most prairie, upland or bottomland hardwoods, mixed timber land will qualify for a conservation easement.

If I donate an easement on my land does that guarantee me an income tax deduction? The simple answer is no, not all easements will qualify for an income tax deduction. To Qualify as a charitable contribution the donation must be perpetual, it must be donated to a qualified organization (a non profit land trust) and meet one of the conservations purposes test outlined in the Internal Revenue Code. The easement donor should be aware that one a conservation easement is donated it is subject to review for years after the original donation which might be a bit unsettling for some.

Does a donated easement have to be perpetual? If you want a tax deduction for your Texas land the easement donation must be perpetual and this is probably a little worrisome to some Texas landowners as well, how will a buyer view the restriction placed on the land by the easement, will it hurt the resell value? The terms of the conservation easement should tell you along with the tax deducible nature that the land will decrease in value and this is why you get a tax deduction for the Internal Revenue Service.

If you have Texas land for sale or you think for some reason in the future you may want to put your land up for sale, I would suggest much thought and council from qualified tax accountant as well as legal advice from an experienced land lawyer before you make any step towards a conservation easement.

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