Bacterial Vaginosis Common Symptoms You Should Be Aware To Prevent The Spread Of Bacterial Vaginosis

By Irsan Komarga

Have you been smelling funny these past days? Like something has died inside your vagina. Well, dont be surprised what you have is bacterial vaginosis. If this is not your first time, then more or less you already know what to expect. For people who are not sure if they had been infected before, there are symptoms that would help you determine if you have BV.

The most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are stinking vagina, white discharge, persistent itching, pain, and soreness. The discharge is thin, nothing like yeast infections discharge. These are the common experience of people that has been infected.

Most women dont even know they have bacterial vaginosis until they had sex, in fact, some of them only notice the smell after the sex. This circumstance can lead them into an awkward and totally embarrassing situation with their partner. Dont let this happen to you, it is better to know all the symptoms than ended up in an uncomfortable position with your partner, you would not want to let them think that you have infected them with what you got.


In dealing with bacterial vaginosis prevention is always the key. Dont be lax in taking care of yourself; it is important that you do something before the problems get worse. In the end no one can benefit from it but you. Besides the last thing you need is to further complicate your condition, which can happen if you fail to be bothered by it.

A bacterial vaginosis left untreated can lead to complication. The bacteria can spread into your uterus wherein you can develop a condition called Pelvic Inflammatory disease. The disease can make you infertile is the condition is severe, and if you are pregnant you are likely to give birth earlier than expected. An ectopic pregnancy is also possible, wherein the egg will fertilize in the fallopian tube rather than where it supposed to be. Ectopic pregnancy is dangerous to the mother; if there is a rupture it could kill them.

If you suspect that you have been infected by bacterial vaginosis, you should consult immediately with your doctor to get examine and be treated right away. Dont be embarrassed to discuss your situation with your doctor. Everyone can be infected with BV; there is nothing shameful about your condition. It is simply an illness that anybody, especially women goes through.

So dont be afraid to meet with your doctor or any health professional and discuss your condition. The sooner you do this the better for you to resume your normal sexual activity. After all, you would not dare sleep with someone while you are still suffering from Bacterial vaginosis, unless you want your partner to be turned off by your foul smelling vagina.

An informed patient can ask the right question to the doctor; therefore learn more about BV to put off any future infection. A life where BV is a thing of the past, so get healthy, be treated right away and most importantly be smart and avoid unsafe sex.

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