A Santa Barbara Dentist Emphasizes Oral Health Before Cosmetic Treatment

A Santa Barbara Dentist Emphasizes Oral Health Before Cosmetic Treatment


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A good Santa Barbara cosmetic dentist will always emphasize oral health as part of a beautiful smile. He or she should ensure that patients have healthy teeth, healthy gums, and a functional bite before addressing cosmetics, because a healthy mouth is the foundation for a terrific smile. Healthy, well-aligned teeth are easier to brush and to floss, and have a lower risk of decay. Teeth that are healthy and well cared-for have lower rates of gum disease and do not normally hurt. Cosmetic procedures in an unhealthy mouth are like repainting a house that\’s falling down in that the results won\’t last.

Gum Disease Can Be More Destructive than Tooth Decay

Gum disease is quite common, but people tend to focus on the condition of their teeth more than on their gums. As a result, gum disease is often neglected. Even those with healthy teeth should have regular dental checkups so that gum condition can be assessed. Gum disease has been linked to numerous conditions affecting overall health, including heart disease. Caused by a build-up of plaque, gum disease affects around half of adults. Symptoms include sore gums, swollen gums, tenderness, redness, and bleeding after brushing.


Straightening Teeth Improves Oral Health

Your Santa Barbara cosmetic dentist isn\’t just trying to boost his or her income by suggesting orthodontic work. The fact is, straight teeth are generally healthier. They\’re easier to clean, and a proper bite makes it easier to chew the variety of foods necessary for a healthy diet. Fortunately, Invisalign \”invisible\” braces do a wonderful job of correcting crowded, rotated, or tilted teeth. They are also removable, and that allows patients to continue with healthy brushing and flossing habits more easily than with traditional braces. In only about 18 months, you could have the straight teeth you have always wanted.

Whitening Makes a Healthy Smile More Beautiful

Do you healthy, straight teeth that don\’t look good because of stains? A Santa Barbara cosmetic dental practice can help. Stains from foods, coffee, and smoking can be removed either in the office, or at home with a custom take-home whitening kit. Some stains, such as those caused by certain medications, limit the effectiveness of teeth bleaching, which only affects tooth surfaces. However, teeth that cannot be bleached can be whitened effectively through the use of beautiful porcelain veneers.

Veneers Create A Picture-Perfect Smile

Porcelain veneers don\’t require the level of tooth preparation that crowns do, and they can create an even, bright smile that you can be proud of. Some Santa Barbara cosmetic practices will recommend tooth whitening before veneers are added, so that the new veneers can be matched to your whiter teeth for an overall brighter smile. Veneers are great for fixing chips and minor breaks, lengthening worn-down teeth, and filling in minor gaps between teeth. In some cases, you may not need braces for a great smile, because veneers can take care of many gaps wonderfully. Whether you want teeth bleaching, Invisalign braces, or veneers, your first goal should be working with your Santa Barbara dental practice to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy.

When looking for a

Santa Barbara cosmetic dentist

, you might be surprised to learn that they will talk to you about your oral health first. A good

Santa Barbara dentist

understands that without a healthy mouth, cosmetic procedures will be more difficult, and the results may not last. Need an expert you can trust? Visit boutique-dental.com today.

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