Saturday, February 11, 2006

Alan Shalleck, 76, associate in the children’s book series Curious George, was found dead in his driveway 8 February 2006. Covered in black garbage bags, his body had been disregarded by neighbors and passersby who presumably mistook it for a collection of refuse.

Speculation has risen around the case due to the seemingly odd coincidence of Shelleck’s death with the Curious George film’s Friday release. As of yet, investigators are not releasing any solid information involving the case.

A Boynton Beach, Florida Border’s Book and Music store employee, Shelleck had been missing from work for two days prior to the discovery of the body by Burt Venturelli, a maintenance worker at the retirement complex Shelleck called home.

Venterelli told Sun-Sentinel reporters “I went to drag it this morning and said, ‘This is a body, this isn’t garbage.”’ He also stated that Shelleck’s body was naked from the waist up and that there was “blood all over the place.”

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