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All About Puppies

All About Puppies

Enter the Universe of Puppies

A puppy is not just a miniature version of a dog. They are dependent, curious, and full of life, requiring a special approach to care. Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a first-time pup parent, understanding puppyhood can help foster a strong, healthy relationship with your pooch. Let’s explore the universe of all puppies.

The Puppy Phases

Puppies go through important stages of development, starting at birth and extending until they reach adulthood (between one and two years old). This journey consists of absorbing experiences, developing behavior, and growing physically.

The Newborn Phase

In the newborn phase, puppies are entirely dependent. Their eyes don’t open until they’re about two weeks old, and they rely on their mother’s warmth and nourishment.

The Youth Phase

It’s during the youth phase that puppies learn how to socialize. Owners should introduce their young dogs to other animals and humans to make them feel comfortable in different settings.

The Adolescent Phase

Adolescents are akin to human teenagers. They can test limits, but they’re also maturing and finding their identities. Patience and consistent training can help them successfully navigate this phase.

Puppy Nutrition

Nutritional balance is essential during a puppy’s growing phase. A puppy’s diet should contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and plenty of water.

Puppy Training

Puppies are moldable, and the earlier you start training them, the better. Simple commands, leash walking, and toilet training are among the basic skills to teach your pup.

Healthcare for Puppies

Puppies need regular healthcare, including vaccinations, de-worming, and vet check-ups. Keep a close eye on their physical changes and behavior, as abrupt changes may signal health issues.

Resources like the Doggy and the City Website provide invaluable information for cruising through this exciting puppy journey – answering questions, offering training tips, and helping you build a solid foundation for your canine friend.

We All Love Puppies

While it’s true that puppies demand a significant amount of time and commitment, their unconditional love, companionship, and the joy they bring are undeniably worth every effort. So, here’s to happy, healthy puppies and the fulfilled dog parents who raise them.

7 For 7: Seven Creative Activities To Occupy Your Children

7 For 7: Seven Creative Activities To Occupy Your Children

7 for 7: Seven Creative Activities to occupy your children



Kids are busy little people, working hard to discover their new world and learn everything they can. They move from one test to another in a matter of minutes and need a great deal of chasing, engaging, cleaning up after, and redirection.

These ten creative activities by

Teacher Training Mumbai

will keep kids engaged for at least ten minutes at a time, and they are great for encouraging both an increase in their attention span and budding motor skills.

1.Sorting Machine. Most kids love to sort things. For a kid who enjoys organizing, give a few handfuls of multi-colored, O-shaped cereal and a muffin pan. With a little direction, she ll arrange the cereal by color into the muffin pan cups and enjoy a healthy snack. For a non-edible activity, use blocks or decorated manipulative.


2.Future Picasso. A bowl of spongy, chopped fruit with a little cream cheese and graham crackers is great for an enjoyable, edible art project. First, spread the cream cheese on the graham cracker. Then have the kid press fruit chunks into the cream cheese to create a nutritious work of art. You may just motivate the world s next Picasso.

3.Toy Rotation. A bin filled with toys can be hideaway for months in a closet or cupboard. When the forgotten toys are reintroduced, kids feel they have rediscovered them.

4.Shake It Up. Place toys or treats inside clear containers with the lids attached. Kids love to shake and clatter things, and when a kid realizes a treat is inside, the activity will be even more interesting.

5.Water Colors. Add a drop of blue food coloring to a low wading pool or sand and water table. Throw in some sea creature toys. For a change of theme, use green food coloring and jungle creature toys. It makes a great open-air activity on warm days. Keep in mind to closely manage any water play.

6.Paper Play. Consider allowing kids to enfold themselves in toilet paper and imagine they are snowmen, or to beautify the room with toilet paper streamers. You may want to use the game as a potty training introduction or celebration of a potty success.

7.Roughin It. Turn over a bench or gather chairs into a circle in the middle of the room, then wrap blankets over them to construct tents. Flashlights and a non-sticky snack can create a fun atmosphere while you read a story or

sing songs.

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Some Wonderful Puppy Training Tips

Some Wonderful Puppy Training Tips

Some wonderful puppy training tips


Willey Martin Some wonderful puppy training tips

Puppies are one of the most beautiful creatures created by God. They are our best friend and some research has proved that puppies/dogs relieve our tension. They are useful in guarding our house and help us in various ways. If you want your dog to be same, then it is very essential that he be given proper training from puppy stage.

Here are ways by which puppies can be trained.Basic puppy training tips


Giving it treats :

When you teach certain command to your puppy then it is better that you reward it every time it obeys your command. This is very important, as it will teach your puppy that its certain behaviors are accepted. You must first give it treat and then love it. Gradually love it more and reduce the treats as over feeding is not good. Sometimes you may give it some treats although.



Command the puppy to sit while giving it food :

This is a very important puppy-training tip and it will make it realize that you are the master and that he has to obey you. Master word is not used in a negative sense here as dogs are pack animals and they love to have a leader who will guide them and lead them. Dogs must be made to understand that their master is the only one whom they must response to and this training is very important.


Reward only to positive behavior :

You must remember that only positive behavior must be rewarded. For instance if your doggy is unnecessary jumping on you then do not shout on it but rather move at once from it. However, make sure that you are always not rude on it and it will demand some love and attention from you. This is a very important puppy training tips and must be used by you very carefully. Make sure that you do not hurt the sweet animal.


Remove its food bowel 20 minutes after serving it :

You must remember to remove its food bowel 20 minutes after you have served it. Even if he does not finish the food, then too remove it, as this will teach him there is a specific time for food and that he will not get it anytime he feels. Maintain a proper time for the food and give it food only at that time of the day. If you want it to be disciplined then you too must maintain the proper time gap.


Do not raise your voice :

While training your puppy make sure that you do not raise your voice at any time. Raising voice will just leave the dog in confusion and will make him fear. It is very essential that you must learn to respect the dog and treat him with love and care.

These are some puppy training tips that must be followed by every pet owner.

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